Welcome to the National Make it with Wool Website
We are a National Sewing and Designing Competition supported by the American Wool industry.



  • To promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics, fibers and yarns.
  • To encourage personal creativity in sewing, knitting, crocheting, or felting with wool fabrics, fibers and yarns.
  • To recognize creative skills.
  • To develop life skills including:
  • being responsible for one’s self
  • being a good sport
  • accepting judges decisions
  • learning about and appreciating diversity

There are several different age divisions to compete in-


  • Preteens, age 12 and under – Optional: This division may be divided into ages 5-7 (Young Sewers) and ages 8-12 (Preteens) – see additional information under “Optional Categories”
  • Juniors, ages 13-16
  • Seniors, ages 17-24
  • Adults, age 25 and older

The age of the competitor is the age on January 1 of competition year


Anyone regardless of race, creed or sex who meets age and other guidelines may participate.

Participants must compete in the state where they are a legal resident. When necessary, a driver’s license may be requested to verify state residency or another legal document may be substituted if participant does not possess a driver’s license.



  • Juniors, Seniors and Adults may enter:
  • One-piece garment: Dress, jumper, outerwear jacket, coat or cape.
  • Two-piece outfit: Coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest or sweater WITH dress, jumper, skirt, pants or shorts.
  • Ensemble: 3 or more garments worn together at one time: Coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest and/or sweater WITH dress, jumper, skirt, pants or shorts.

  • Preteens may enter
  • Dress, jumper, skirt, pants, shorts, vest, sweater, shirt/blouse, jacket or a  combination of garments.      
  • All garments must have been completed after January 1 of the competition year.
    • Participants must select all fabrics, materials and supplies.
    • Participants must sew, knit, crochet or felt all garments
    • They may also spin their own yarn and weave their own fabric. 
    • They may receive instruction and advice from parents, teachers and advisors





  • Made for Others:Garment(s) made for another person. The recipient must model the garment and the sewer must answer the judges’ questions.
  • Wearable Accessories:

    Items worn to compliment a garment or outfit: purse, hat, gloves/mittens, belt, tie, pin, scarf or other items identified by State Director/Committee.


  • Young Sewers (A category of the Preteen Division) – New in 2018
  • States and/or Districts have the option of dividing the Preteen Division into two categories: Young Sewers (age 5-7) and Preteens (age 8-12). Contestants in the Young Sewers category must complete the national entry form and send completed copies, along with the $12 national fee, as directed on the entry form. Participants in the Young Sewers category should have a short one-on-one interview with a ‘judge’ to explain what they have made and what they learned by making their wool item. Possible wool items can be: scarf, unlined skirt, unlined cape or poncho, unlined vest with no closures, purse, tote bag, hat, or belt. The goal is to introduce this age group to working with wool fabrics/yarns and to be recognized for their accomplishments. Recognition should be in the form of a participation certificate with a small sewing related gift. No placing or ranking of participants is permitted.